The competitiveness of modern companies, increasingly complicated due their organization, are currently positioning the Information System and its contributions in terms of productivity gains and value creation at the center of concerns.

Based on this observation, ASH Consulting , management and organization consultancy firm, has been entrusted a task that is as simple as it is subtle: Offering an all-round assistance to companies and African skills in IS Governance & IT Management.

ASH Group comes to crown a more audacious and more ambitious concept : promoting the exchange and cooperation between the continent skills through management expertise. To make this possible, the group has acquired relevant resources and has invested in needed means to achieve the pursued objectives.

The Framework adopted by ASH Consulting makes it possible to carry out its missions of assistance in the information system governance, by proposing the appropriate solutions and allocating the adapted resources to the entity and its context.

The Expertise developed by ASH Consulting is based on three major pillars: systems and knowledge assessment, human resources training and accompanying for certification in the Best Practices SI Governance & IT Management standards.

Whether you are a public or private company, an international or local organization, an NGO or other ASH Consulting assists you for optimal management of internal control and good governance of the information system.


Our Framework is based on an authentic and methodical work approach with insured effects. For any mission entrusted to us, two fundamental commitments are proposed: the study Ex ante and the follow-up Ex post.

ASH Consulting adopts a conscientious line of conduct which suggests identifying the needs and objectives of of any collaborative project in order to guarantee the best operating method, by following a strict schedule in respect of an optimal cost / benefit ratio. Moreover a preliminary study is generally undertaken in discussion with the client in order to take into consideration the inherent human, technical, financial and structural specificities.

ASH Consulting gives significance to all the hazards of the activity. An entire material and human logistics is implemented to operate in a friendly setting and to provide appropriate assistance in auditing, training and accreditation.

ASH Consulting proposes an adapted and adaptable ultimate follow-up. Whether the customer restores to the diagnostic service, training service or only access to the certification examination, we insure that we will accommodate a customized accompaniment perfectly suited to his expectations.

Our Framework aims to discover the client and his needs in order to offer him the appropriate services, and to follow him after the assessment, training or certification mission, all in order to properly help him carry out the given recommendations, to concretize, in the field, any acquired informations, or to properly ensure the new status received.


The information system has become indispensable to the - smooth - running of the companies, thus it plays a leading role in its performance, but also in its failure.

In view of optimizing the efficiency of the information system and to be able to improve the competitiveness of the company, ASH Consulting identifies and acquires the accreditations needed for certification in the Best Practices IS Governance & IT Management standards.

ASH Consulting offers a wide range of services in auditing, recasting, alignment, training, optimization, risk management, steering as well as management and IS certification missions.

ASH Consulting also proposes services tailored to the specific needs of information systems managers by offering them consulting services, training, and certification to optimize the IS management's relations with the other departments of the company and thus strengthen its role as a partner.

Our support services in evaluation , allows diagnosing the state of the information system, identifying its state of the strengths / weaknesses and proposing the suitable solutions for the purpose of certification in the Best Practices standards.

Our training support services, enable executives and other resources in charge to design and manage systems in addition to developing their abilities in the Best Practices standards and to crown their programs with accredited certification exams.

Our certification support services, help African companies evolve, as well as adapt their information systems and support their human resources by accompanying them in the various certification phases in the Best Practices standards.



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